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Lady Teal

(Katie Brittle)

In my youth, I was enchanted by my mother's curio cabinet, a veritable treasure trove of antiques, natural curiosities, and scientific anomalies. These captivating oddities stirred a profound curiosity within me; each item was a silent storyteller, a relic of a bygone journey. Lady Teal's Curios, in essence, recreates this sense of intrigue and wonder, originally delivering it to your ears as a podcast. With each episode, we embark on a mesmerizing journey, invoking that childlike whimsy and instilling a profound sense of awe.

Through photography, curiosity collecting, and podcasting, I try to unveil captivating stories and objects, while my day-time-job involves creative directing and crafting enchanting brand experiences. As an event and travel planner I organize immersive spectacles, and as a paranormal investigator, I love delving into the world of the unseen. I always encourage people to Stay Curious.

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Creative Director and Strategist

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