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Code of Conduct

Lady Teal's Curios Code of Conduct

Hello, curious wanderers and lovers of the mystique! I want to shed some light on how Lady Teal's Curios creates content and what governs our mystical journey together.

Journalism Ethics

Lady Teal's Curios abides by the spellbook of journalism ethics, with a dash of enchantment. Here are my promises to you:

  • I am devoted to openness, independence, and self-reflection, steering clear of shadowy agendas.

  • Facts are my magic crystals – I use them with precision and fairness.

  • If anyone is accused of misdeeds, I shall present the facts along with their side of the tale.

  • I vow to keep a balance in my writings and not conjure sensational headlines that outdo the story's enchantment.

  • Respect and privacy are sacred spells; I uphold them for all individuals.

  • My sources, who wish to remain shrouded in secrecy, shall be granted anonymity – though I must know their true identity and the reasons behind their mystical cloaking.


My cauldron is always bubbling with credits to my sources. Their names and, if possible, direct links or retweets accompany their wisdom. Plagiarism is a dark art that Lady Teal's Curios avoids. I unveil my sources and weave in the story of who they are, helping you discern the motives behind their whispers.


Lady Teal's Curios is a self-sustained entity that sometimes harnesses the magic of ads, affiliates, and referral bonuses or commission. I am self-employed and a partner in the Shadowreach Co marketing agency and Pixie Vacations. If I am paid or compensated in some way to travel to a destination covered, this will be disclosed. No one pays me to say – or not say – certain things on my blog or other media platforms – be they words, sound, pictures or video. If a video is sponsored, I have created the script on my own.


Boards & Networks (Note any areas of possible conflicts of interest)

I'm a member of Pixie Vacations and Millennials in Travel. 


With mystical regards, Lady Teal

Special gratitude to Pernille Tranberg, keeper of the TrustMark scrolls, for providing the template from which this disclosure has been magically adapted.

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