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Wanderings Episodes Brought to Life

Eerie Experiences

Tonopah, NV

May 29-June 2, 2024

Explore haunting locales such as the infamous Clown Motel and the historically rich Mizpah Hotel. Engage in workshops like "Disinter Your Spooky Paranormal Creativity", and uncover the spectral tales of areas like the Tonopah Cemetery and Goldfield. Cruise the eerie Extraterrestrial Hwy and immerse yourself in a world where the supernatural meets the stars.

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Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival and Immersion

  • 🎰 Las Vegas Meetup: Begin your supernatural adventure in the heart of the bustling city.

    • Welcome dinner and trip overview.

    • Overnight stay in Las Vegas.

Day 2: Tonopah Exploration

  • Morning travel to Tonopah.

  • 🏨 Mizpah Hotel or Clown Motel check in and drop off

  • ⚰️ Tonopah Cemetery Tour: Learn about the resting souls and their tales.

  • Clown Motel Tour/Paranormal Investigation

  • Ghosted at the Mizpah
  • Overnight stay at Mizpah (or Clown Motel, based on preference).

Day 3: Paranormal Pursuits

  • 🏚️ Goldfield Ghost Town: A guided tour unveiling the tales of lost souls and historical happenings.

  • ✒️👻 Workshops - "Disinter Your Spooky Paranormal Creativity": Harness your paranormal-inspired creative energy.

  • Evening free time for personal explorations or relaxation.

  • Overnight stay at Mizpah Hotel or Clown Motel.

Day 4: Beyond Earthly Realms

  • 🌕 Lunar Crater Exploration: Morning visit to witness and understand the surreal landscapes.

  • 👾🛣️ Extraterrestrial Hwy Drive: Cruise and uncover the mysteries surrounding UFO sightings and more.

    • Stops at key alien sighting points and photo ops.

  • Evening group reflection and sharing session.

  • Overnight stay at Clown Motel (or Mizpah, based on preference).

Day 5: Explore the Unknown

  • Morning: Personal time for additional explorations, writing, or relaxation.

  • Workshops: TBA

  • Evening: Farewell dinner with group sharing of experiences, tales, and creative outputs.

  • Overnight at your chosen haunting lodging.

Day 6: Departure

  • Morning checkout.

  • Return journey to Las Vegas.

  • 🎰 Afternoon free time in Las Vegas for shopping, sightseeing, or relaxation.

  • Departure in the evening or choose to extend your stay in the city.

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