Liminal Locales


Submission Guidelines

Liminal Locales is a collection of stories focused on mysterious locations around the world that have the auspicious ability to converge realms. 

I have personally visited locations where I felt time stood still or the energy felt viscerally different, and I know others have had similar experiences. What makes these places so different? Is the veil really thinner in certain areas vs others? Everyone has heard of Stonehenge, The Bermuda Triangle, and similar places. Together, we are going to create a collection of the less-documented, perhaps even forgotten locales.

Paranormal, supernatural, bizarre science-based, or unexplainable non-fiction stories, essays, and poems are welcome. The submissions must be centered around a real location. If you would like to submit a location but keep it anonymous, please just send a note letting me know.

Photos, drawings, and graphics may be submitted if they are YOUR OWN and help support your story. 

- Work must be UNPUBLISHED

- Cover page must include a professional photo of yourself, short bio, contact information, and Optional - if you want to include any background info on your submission you may do so

- 1000 word minimum/10,000 word maximum for all short stories, essays, etc. (This does not apply to poetry)

- Must be submitted in .doc file or similar (Google Docs, WORD, etc. are okay. No PDFs)

- A reference page in MLA format should be the last page of your submission, if any references are used

- Document name must be saved in FirstName_LastName_Title

Ex: Lady_Teal_LiminalLocales.doc

Please submit to

Submission Deadline: June 1, 2023

Payment - Accepted writers will receive one copy of the published book. Authors will also have other opportunities to win a monetary cash prize in a Reader's Choice Contest (Date TBD). More perks will be determined at a later date.

Artist Submissions: If you are not a writer, but would like to submit a piece of art that fits the above themes you are welcome to do so. Please submit to the same email address above with the Subject: Artist Submissions.

All - Multiple submissions welcome.

By submitting you are acknowledging your work will be edited by a small team of proofreaders. We will send our edits to you before publishing, for your approval.

Stay Curious.