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Buying a 1908 Mansion in Sparta, Georgia With Cassie Clark

In the historic heart of Sparta, Georgia, stands a testament to architectural elegance and historical significance - The Sparta Mansion. This majestic Greek Classical Revival home, once the residence of notable figures like William H. Burwell, Speaker of the House of Representatives and Mayor of Sparta, is currently under the loving care of Cassie Clark.

Cassie, the sixth owner of The Sparta Mansion, describes her role as its current custodian with a blend of reverence and responsibility, "I am now its mother, and hope to take care of it." Built between 1906 and 1908 by contractor E.A. Gleason, the mansion was a pioneer in modern amenities for its era. It boasted the first modern electricity and telephone systems in the area, a clear mark of its luxury and advanced design.

the sparta mansion located in Sparta Georgia and built by EA Gleason. Historic homes, historic houses, columns, greek classic revival
The Sparta Mansion - Sparta, GA

Architectural Splendor

The mansion's architecture is a tribute to Greek elements, featuring prominent columns and intricate details both inside and out. "It's a classical revival home," Cassie explains, her voice filled with admiration for the style she so dearly loves. The interior doesn't disappoint either, with beautiful red oak flooring and walk-in closets that were a rarity at the time. These closets, once housing the extensive wardrobe of Burwell's socialite wife, are a reminder of the mansion's grand social past.

A Labor of Love

For Cassie, buying a 1908 mansion to restore is more than just a task; it's a passion born from a lifetime love for old homes. "I grew up in an old home," she shares, revealing that The Sparta Mansion is her first owned house. Despite the challenges that come with such a historic property, including the need for extensive cosmetic work, Cassie is undeterred. Her dedication is fueled by a deep appreciation for the mansion's 'good bones' and historical significance. Many people follow sites like Victorians For Sale and Cheap Old Houses to help restore old homes and preserve the history and architecture from centuries past.

Jesse Olson, history buff, points to EA Gleason's contractor stamp on the house.
History buff and supporter of Cassie, Jesse Olson points to the EA Gleason stamp on the home

The journey to acquiring The Sparta Mansion was not without its hurdles. Cassie recounts her struggle to secure a mortgage, a challenge compounded by the home's age and condition. However, with determination and the ingenious suggestion from her supportive mother, Cassie managed to navigate these challenges through owner financing and refinancing options.

Community and Criticism

Cassie's efforts have received mixed reactions. While friends and her mother, her "biggest cheerleader," have offered encouragement, others have expressed doubt and concern, especially considering her role as a mother. "It'd be nice to have everybody's full support, but I know that that will never happen," Cassie acknowledges, yet remains steadfast in her commitment to restoring the mansion.

Facing Fears, Embracing the Future

Cassie's biggest fears in this restoration journey are the potential discovery of rotted wood and mold, common issues in older properties. However, she remains hopeful, eagerly anticipating the day when the mansion will be restored to its former glory. "The thing I look forward to the most is the entertaining aspect," she envisions, dreaming of hosting gatherings that bring life back into the historical halls of The Sparta Mansion.

A Home Alive with History and Light

What captivates Cassie the most about The Sparta Mansion is the abundance of natural light it receives, its architectural style, and the sense of community in Sparta. Each visit to the mansion reveals new details, keeping her love for the property fresh and alive.

In Cassie Clark's hands, The Sparta Mansion is not just a structure undergoing restoration; it's a piece of history being lovingly preserved for future generations to admire and enjoy. Her journey is a compelling narrative of passion, perseverance, and a deep respect for the past.

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