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Curator's Discoveries- Game of Thrones

You might be thinking to yourself "Why would the curator include any type of fandom and nerdom on her blog? There is nothing odd, or unique about Game of Thrones?"

But alas, my lovely collector. While the show may be immensely popular, there are unique and interesting items inspired by the show which are worthy of sharing. You will find that your dear curator is much of a nerd herself and occasional posts will be related to Geekery.

With a little bit of business out of the way, we can now proceed to the terribly interesting finds that I have uncovered this week in my searches for Game of Thrones related gifts.

Those who know me, know I love a good whiskey. An old-fashioned has always been my drink of choice and what better way to celebrate Winter is Coming than with a liquor that breathes fire into the soul.

My fellow whiskey aficionados will be pleased to indulge in their nerdyness with this lovely set of Game of Thrones Inspired Whiskeys.

Yes, take it in. The labels look luxurious, my mouth is watering just staring at these images. They make me want to travel to all the Seven Kingdoms and live out my own Game of Thrones fantasy.

I have yet to try one, but have one on order currently so I will keep you apprised of the taste.

In every, gentleman and gentlewoman's home, where there is whiskey, there should also be decanters and what better way to serve some Game of Thrones styled Whiskey than in a set like this:

There are plenty of Game of Thrones themed decanters on Etsy with the etched glass. They seem to be popular gifts for groomsmen (How silly, why is it the men are always assumed to have a passion for whiskey?). However, I quite liked this castle decanter set that I found on Etsy and thought it would make a lovely collector very happy.

You see, the thing with collections, curios, interesting finds and so on is usually that they are hard to find, and hard to come by. And that is exactly what this piece is. Yes, you might be able to find 3-5 more of these same style decanters on Ebay, but that's it. I think a Game of Thrones enthusiast or someone who quite fancies the medieval look would quite appreciate a decanter set such as this.

We shall end today's fascinating finds with some other unique- not whiskey related- Game of Thrones items for those fans who quite literally, have it all:

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