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Episode 2- Living a Kaleidoscopic Life with Leslie Hudson

Leslie Hudson was a sheer delight to speak with. Listen to the episode here:

Leslie Hudson is a kaleidoscopic human as many of us creatives are. She spent most of the last 3 years on the road, touring as a musician. Before that she was a teacher for a decade and worked with kids a decade before that. She changed careers in her late 30s, and left a 15 year marriage as well as my house, car, city, and safety net. She made music her life and travelled through all 48 states on my first tour, which lasted 6 months. She's an Aspie, synaesthetic, and knows a lot about people within moments of meeting them. She makes music, art, and sculpts tiny things. 

We chatted last week and our conversation went a million different directions including topics on growing up in a fundamentalist household, what it’s like to have synaesthesia, and how her interests and curiosities color her music. Her 9th solo album Keep Left at the Fork, drops tomorrow, Mar 19th, just in time for the spring equinox!

Keep Left at the Fork is full of beautiful lyrics, piano and cello accompaniment, and themes that I’m sure many of you can relate to.

Follow Leslie: 

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