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Exploring Egregores - What Are They and How Can We Use Them?

Updated: Oct 1

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Mindfulness and Consciousness

Have you ever heard of an Egregore? The term has been around for centuries, but it’s only recently started to gain more traction as people become more interested in the concept of collective consciousness. In the paranormal community theories about hauntings being egregores are becoming more prevalent. For paranormal investigators, fans, and new researchers alike, understanding what an egregore is and how it works can help us better understand the connection between our minds and the world around us.

What is an egregore? At its core, an egregore is a thought-form or collective entity created by a group of people working together towards a common goal. The word is used both in psychological and mystical fields. Richard Dawkins, described something similar as a MEME. In some ways, it can be thought of as an invisible presence or energy field that exists outside the physical body and can be used to influence individuals or groups of people. It is believed that this energy field can manifest itself in many different forms, such as symbols, images, words, objects, sounds, or even physical manifestations. Egregores are often described as being “alive” in some sense because they have their own distinct personalities and behaviors.

The term was first used in 16th century occultism to describe a spiritual being that acted as a guardian or protector of a temple or organization. It was believed that these entities were formed through the collective energy generated by large groups of people who shared similar beliefs and intentions.

Today, the term “egregore” has come to mean something slightly different depending on who it is you are talking to. It can describe any form of collective consciousness. An example would be how we create belief systems in our society – such as religion or political ideology – which shape our views on life and give us shared points of reference. These shared belief systems are often seen as external forces that influence our decisions and actions without us even realizing it. Think of the Satanic Panic, or even the Holocaust. These are examples of powerful egregores that emerged with an incredibly negative impact.

Are all egregores bad? Not at all. They can have both positive and negative effects on our lives depending on how we use them. For example, if we choose to use them to fuel hatred and divisiveness then they can create immense suffering. However, if we use them with positive intentions they can bring about great healing and transformation in our lives. Think of birds flying harmoniously together or a group of fans in a stadium participating in the "Wave."

The theory of how "strong" and egregore can be is based on the number of people participating. The more people participating the more influence an egregore has. I am reminded of two videos I recently saw on TikTok. One video was shared by a daughter who wanted to help out her mom's restaurant. The group think, the collective consciousness of TikTok, banded together in a very positive way and now the mother's restaurant is thriving! Another daughter posted about her dad's spooky ornament business and the collective consciousness used the same positive energy to help make his business a success too.

We can use egregores for anything, but I think the most powerful ones are supported by a large group of people with the greatest intentions.

How else can you use them? Paranormal investigators use them on occasion! By invoking an egregore into your investigation process, you can potentially gain insight into what you are dealing with—whether it be a haunting, poltergeist activity or other supernatural phenomena. You can also use an egregore to help protect yourself from harm while conducting your investigation by creating a protective barrier around yourself and your team members using its energies. This barrier helps shield you from any potentially dangerous entities or energies that may be present during your investigation. Finally, I often wonder if some residual hauntings are egregores, and if so, if we acknowledge them as such can we use them? Or do we dismantle them? Can they be dismantled? In some of the reading I have done, egregores that are no longer controlled by people are often hard to control and in fact have more influence over humans than humans can have over it. So perhaps acknowledging it and asking questions on how we can work together to achieve the same goals might be useful? I'm not sure. At this point, I am spitballing.

Whether you choose to take advantage of an egregore's power for personal gain or just observe it from afar out of curiosity remains entirely up to you!

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