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Exploring Vermont Legends With Bobby Farlice-Rubio

The latest episode of the podcast features the remarkable Bobby Farlice-Rubio, known for his deep knowledge of history, science, legends, and lore. While the focus of a previous article was a written history of Phineas Gage, this episode highlights Bobby's exceptional storytelling and interpretive skills, offering listeners a new lens through which to view this famous Vermont narrative.

Bobby Farlice-Rubio a Science and History Educator and Storyteller looks up through a telescope
Bobby Farlice-Rubio a Science and History Educator and Storyteller, Photo Courtesy of Bobby Farlice-Rubio

Bobby, an assistant park manager and representative of Vermont, brings a unique perspective to the Phineas Gage legend. His approach intertwines the factual and the mythical, shedding light on the human and psychological elements that have immortalized Gage's story in medical history. His narrative skillfully combines insights into Vermont's history with broader implications of Gage's accident, enhancing the traditional narrative of Gage's life and its impact.

Vermont representative Bobby Farlice-Rubio, storyteller, science, history educator
Bobby as a representative of Vermont (Photo courtesy of Bobby Farlice-Rubio)

During the podcast, Bobby's passion is evident. He doesn't merely recount Gage's story; he brings listeners into the heart of it. His narrative is enriched with a deep understanding of both the natural world and the historical context, offering a holistic view of Gage's experience. "I'm a storyteller by nature," Bobby says, reflecting on the many accounts of history he has collected over the years.

Bobby's storytelling on the podcast as well as his in-person events highlight the importance of oral history and oral storytelling in preserving and interpreting the past. His ability to blend legend with fact and science make for an engaging and thought-provoking listening experience. And is one that regular campers at Stillwater State Park look forward to every season. "Bobby's campfire stories and music nights draw all ages of campers," state park ranger, Jessica Esposito says fondly. "Each year, the regulars arrive early with their blankets and hot cocoa ready to hear what other spooky tales Bobby has for them. This year, campers even brought their own musical instruments to jam out with him." Each story Bobby invites listeners to explore the mysteries and wonders of the human experience.

Bobby Farlice-Rubio standing at entrance of Stillwater State Park
Bobby working at Stillwater State Park where campers enjoy his stories and music (Photo Courtesy of Bobby Farlice-Rubio)

Bobby Farlice-Rubio's contributions to the exploration of Vermont's lore, especially the Phineas Gage story, are invaluable. "The most important thing that I try to cultivate in myself is curiosity...that's what draws me to things like science, folklore, and mythology, only because so much of me wishes that I could know what it was like to be humans in different time periods... and I'm fascinated by where we're going and whether we're going to make it or not."

Listeners are encouraged to stay tuned for more episodes that dive into the fascinating world where history, science, and folklore intersect, guided by expert guests like Farlice-Rubio.

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