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Episode 3 - A Peek Inside The Mind of a Multiple - With Kat Taylor

Kat Taylor is a Multiple and a survivor. Her story is pretty incredible, and she introduces us to some of her 16 system members.

Listen to her episode here:

In continuation of Women’s History Month we are featuring another brave woman who has experienced the unimaginable and as a result identifies as a Multiple. Dissociative identity disorder is believed to affect 1.5 % of the general population. Movies like Split, Fight Club, Psycho and Sybil give us an extravagant idea of what it’s like living as a multiple, but movies as we know, are not always the most accurate. 

The earliest references of DID are thought to be from the 1600s. Even as our understanding of the mind has advanced over the course of centuries there is still much about this disorder that we do not understand.  Kat Taylor has 16 different system members and invites you, curious minds, to come take a peek inside her mind.

Please give her some love and support through the following links:

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