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Lady Teal's 2019 Year-End Libation

Here I am, four nights away from New Year's eve, reminiscing on the peculiar events of 2019.

My libation is in hand, and it's something I sort of made up on my own. I've always had an affinity for beverages of the dark red variety and this is truly the perfect drink to ring in the new year.

This week, we prep for not only a new year, but a new decade. I have lived through many a new year, a few new decades and a singular new century. Each one seems so special leading up to the date, but as time goes on they all start blending into together. 2020 should be different for us all, it should be special and meaningful.

Depending on what culture you come from, pomegranates symbolize anything from new life, to blood, power, and death. As I drink this drink, I think about my old self. It's still here somewhere, it's definitely a part of me, but it has been reborn. The old life gives way to new life and pieces of my past fade away into a blur.

What will I do with this new me, this new year, this new decade? I have ideas and inspiration galore. Giving birth to these ideas and bringing them to fruition will be my main goal for 2020.

I'd love to know what pieces of yourself you are looking forward to shedding away. What new beginnings have you in store? Cheers my weirdlings, to a happy new year, and a delightful new decade!

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