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Midwest Haunters Convention Review: A Ghoulish Guide for Halloween Enthusiasts

Are you a Halloween enthusiast, a scare actor, or someone who loves haunted attractions? There’s a hidden gem you might not have heard of – the Midwest Haunters Convention. After attending this spooktacular event, I’m here to share a ghostly tale of my experience. Grab your broomstick and let’s dive in!

An Intimate Gathering of Ghouls

Unlike the well-known TransWorld or Midsummer Scream, the Midwest Haunters Convention is comparatively smaller in scale. This might come across as a “boo” to some, but believe it or not, it’s an advantage! This intimate setting paves the way for meaningful one-on-one interactions and networking, something that might elude you in larger conventions like TransWorld.

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The Haunting Spirit of the Midwest

What sets Midwest apart? Its big heart for Halloween! The region is home to countless haunting attractions and offers ample opportunities for anyone looking to venture into this thrilling domain. One charming aspect of the convention is its array of kid-friendly events – because why should grown-ups have all the haunting fun? Moreover, it’s a great chance to learn more about the Midwest than what any high school geography class could teach you!

Diversity in Seminars (Fangs Optional)

I must confess, I didn’t attend any seminars at the convention, but the whispers in the hallway hinted at a diverse array of topics that were up for grabs. For those looking to sink their fangs into some knowledge, the Midwest Haunters Convention does not disappoint.

Open the Coffin and Collaborate

If you’re seeking partnerships or collaborations, don’t hesitate to ask. Be specific in your intentions. If you're a scare actor looking to transition into set design, make it known! While approaching strangers can be nerve-wracking, being direct often bears more fruit than being vague. In the unlikely event that someone says “no”, the supportive Haunt community is likely to guide you to someone who'll ecstatically say, “HECK YES!”

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MeeMaw says Heck Yes to any opportunity that comes her way

A Community to Die For

The Haunt community is akin to a warm cauldron of fun, love, and support. There's nothing more electrifying than being part of this eerie yet embracing family.

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The Haunted House Tour Quotient

If you’re someone who gets their kicks from multiple miniature haunted house tours, a word of caution – this convention may not be the right potion for you. Due to its smaller scale, the Midwest Haunters Convention typically features only one mini haunt. However, they also offer special events like a tour to the Old Joliet Haunted Prison, though it’s separately ticketed.

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A Halloween Enthusiast’s Paradise

The convention leans more towards Halloween enthusiasts than vendors or B2B interactions. If you're someone whose heartbeat syncs with the chime of Halloween, this convention might just become your yearly pilgrimage.

Spreading Your Spiderweb – Go Live!

As a tip for vendors, going live on TikTok is a goldmine. Thousands of Halloween enthusiasts, some of whom couldn’t attend, eagerly watch and interact with live streams. It’s an effective way to extend your spiderweb and generate interest in your products and attractions.

A Breeze of a Journey to the Unknown

Worried about transportation? Fret not. Getting to the convention from O'Hare Intl Airport is as smooth as a ghostly glide. Shuttles run frequently to the DoubleTree and the Embassy Suites, both of which are just across the street from the Rosemont Convention Center. If you are interested in supporting the blog and headed to a haunted convention, please feel free to reach out as I do book travel arrangements on the side to earn a little extra money!

So there you have it, fellow lovers of the macabre. If the Midwest Haunters Convention isn’t on your radar yet, it’s high time you add it to your Halloween bucket list.

Happy Haunting!

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