My Favorite Spooky Destinations in Arizona

After spending almost 9 months in Arizona, I have become very familiar with many of the small towns carrying a spooky history. Some towns like Bisbee, seem to be oozing of energy. Other towns like Ajo, have one or two specific locations that are extra active.

This will be a brief overview of some of my favorites and later I'll do a post on each town individually.


I thought I'd start with one of the most popular destinations. Sedona is widely known for its energy vortexes and beautiful red rocks. While I often felt nothing but good vibes throughout my entire stay here, I heard countless stories of extra-terrestrials and UFO's, cryptids, portals to hell, and caverns filled with negative energy. I've done a few podcasts on this area which you can listen to here:

While the downtown area is fun and full of life, you'll find some of the more spooky areas off the trails. Honanki Ruins, Bradshaw Ranch, and the secret vortexes that only locals really know about are some of my favorite places to take people to so that they can experience the gamut from history, to portals, to hauntings and more. I highly recommend bringing whatever paranormal equipment here because you can almost guarantee that you'll have some sort of experience here. I had multiple experiences, and while I view all of them as positive and enlightening, others have had experiences that filled them with dread and have seen things that cannot be explained. I'll be offering Private Guided Tours here in 2022.

Honanki Ruins - See the Moon and the Cryptid Like Creature?

Bradshaw Ranch - Interior

Lesser Known Vortex Spot with Intense Energy


Ajo is a charming town before you get to Organ Pipe National Monument in Southern Arizona. The town was once a busy mining area which as I've discussed on the podcast before can lend way to more paranormal activity due to the conductive nature of certain rocks and minerals (or so they say).

The town itself is very cute, quiet for the most part since most of the populous left after the mine was shut down. There's a good thrift store, cafe and Mexican restaurant. You could easily spend just a couple days here and experience a lot the town has to offer.

Once used for the filming location of a horribly done movie about giant, terrifying rabbits called "Night of the Lepus," most people come through Ajo on their way to visit the National Monument. Ajo is not a tourist destination per se, but it should be on any spooky traveler's destination list merely for one specific location and that is the Phelps Dodge Hospital aka the Copper Canyon Paranormal Research Center. I've since learned that the hospital has been sold and the research center closed, but I still wanted to share because this is the first location I ever visited where I caught multiple EVP's on my recordings.


Jerome is a beautiful, historic town that sits midway on a mountainside. When staying in Sedona you can see the town lit up at night. Filled with historic buildings, the town offers unique stores, restaurants, ghost tours and more. Unfortunately, my visit was during Covid so a lot of the places were closed, but I was able to snap some photos of some must see places.

In 1899 the Arizona Republic called the town "Wicked." And the name stuck. Over the years, multiple newspapers declared Jerome to be the "Wickedest town" filled with wild women, hard drinking men, lawless people, and wicked pursuits. The town embraces its haunted history and wicked lore. The Haunted Hamburger for example, was a lovely place to eat, and their patio is Pet Friendly!

Jerome is filled with legends of hauntings. The Grand Hotel which overlooks the valley below, used to be a hospital and is home to over 9000 deaths, making it one of the most haunted locations in Arizona. Tales of apparitions, voices and more can be found all over the web. Other locations in the town are said to be haunted as well. There is even supposedly a haunted car in the town of Jerome.

The Grand Canyon