Mysterious Happenings at Bradshaw Ranch, Sedona, AZ

One of my most listened to episodes is the Wanderings episode on Bradshaw Ranch. You can listen to it below:

I spent a good deal of time in Sedona and I look forward to going back again. Every day I learned something new, connected with something new from nature or history and met someone new.

In this episode I discuss a lot of the history surrounding the Bradshaw Ranch. But what I wasn't able to share at the time was the opportunity I had to visit the ranch.

Below are some of the photos from the ranch, unedited.

Fenced off area

The windmill that spins when it's not windy

Perimeter Game Cameras- Who is watching and for what?

View from the hill

Interior of the Larger House

Exterior of Larger House

Reportedly the oldest structure in Sedona

Interior of Older Home

Interior of Older Sedona House

Entrance to the Ranch Area and Movie Set

Ruins of Another Structure/Supposedly Another Vortex

Below I've included a transcript of a good portion of the podcast that specifically relates to the Bradshaw Ranch...Resources are included in the podcast description.

We ventured to Sedona, completely unaware of the mysteries of the missing, legends of UFOs, bigfoot, even dinosaur sightings. In fact, we came here strictly for hiking amongst the amazing views and visiting these so-called vortexes. We found a few amazing campsites in the Coconino National Forest, off Loy Butte Rd or FR 525. This road goes back for miles and miles and takes you to the Palatki and Honanki Ruins

Honanki was one of the largest prehistoric pueblos in the Verde Valley. The site was first studied by Jesse Walter Fewkes of the Smithsonian Institute between 1895 and 1911. Fewkes dubbed the site Honanki which means Bear House in the Hopi Language. Honanki hosts quite a few pictographs and some of them seem to be dated before the caves were actually inhabited all the way back to 2000 BCE. There are also more recent pictographs from the Sinagua people from 900 to 1300 CE. And later were inhabited by the Yavapai and Apache people with pictographs dating between 1400 and 1875 CE. We visited the Honanki Ruins and took in the ancient dwellings and art. There were drawings depicting hunting, rituals, something that looked to be of an eclipse, there was even a drawing of what looked like a portal with a large being that strangely resembled a Bigfoot creature. Upon further research, I found that people have actually had Bigfoot sightings and found tracks that looked like that of Bigfoot or a very large creature, nearby the ruins and just a few miles down the road at Bradshaw Ranch.

I learned that Bradshaw Ranch was less than a mile away from where we were camping. Kris had actually mentioned it to me a few times in passing, himself not knowing the crazy history behind it. Just that there was an old abandoned ranch. So Nova and I took a walk to scope it out and upon arriving at the end of the road I ran into three older gentlemen who were more than happy to give me the lore behind the infamous ranch.

One man stated that he had friends who were friends of Bob Bradshaw and reported of stories about watching people walk through walls, seeing gray alien creatures, Bigfoot and even a dinosaur. He recounted how young people who tried to trespass were often stopped by men in black suits. He mentioned the well-known history of the ranch how it was used for many Hollywood movies and parties and eventually was turned into a dude ranch. The other fellow with a long beard chimed in a bit about the history and then confirmed that the legends were true. He had seen orbs, and odd lights while visiting the area and he had local friends that heard strange noises while visiting the area.

I purposely did not research a lot about the location before visiting as I wanted to be open to any experiences whether it be paranormal or not. I knew that there were purported orb sightings and it was supposedly an alien hotspot, but these gentlemen went even deeper.

They told me how one year a bunch of trucks resembling a military convoy but unmarked drove back into the valley where Bradshaw Ranch is located, but no one ever saw them return. Where did the trucks go? I asked. They looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. Some think there is an inter-dimensional portal and others think there is an underground military base with a tunnel than spans across Arizona. Walking through walls, Bigfoot, and now a mysterious portal and a secret base. I was in heaven. They told me how to get a good view of the property without trespassing because it is all gated up. We parted ways and I followed their directions up the hill to get a solid view of the ranch. Apparently there used to be signs that say No Trespassing and Government property all over the place but now there is just one sign that says University of Arizona. But, I didn’t want any encounters with mysterious men in black suits so we opted out of trespassing and walked around the entirety of the property. As I got closer to the property I noticed the legendary windmill. It was a moderately windy day when Nova and I went upon this journey, I looked at the windmill and admired it’s craftsmanship and nostalgic lettering. Then it hit me, the windmill wasn’t moving. My mind flashed back to the three gentlemen who were telling me the experiences of their friends and their own experiences. The long-bearded gentleman said, I come out here during the summer months when there is no wind at all yet the windmill will be spinning furiously. And then you have days like today.” He pointed at the windmill and it was not moving, then he gestured all around us and all the trees were visibly moving from the wind. I had taken his word for it since I didn’t really have a good view of the windmill, but now, 10-15 feet away and not a single movement. Now granted there are logical reasons why a windmill might not move . The wind could not be strong enough, some have brakes and so forth, but this windmill was an old school one, it didn’t seem to have any reason why it shouldn’t be working so it gave me pause. While I was staring at the windmill I kept having the feeling that someone was watching me, not sure if I was just paranoid because I was sooo close to the fence line or what but I truly felt like someone was right there in the bushes. I thought for a brief moment I heard a whisper and quickly turned around only to see a few stealth cameras tied up to the fence and the surrounding area. Were these to watch for trespassers I wondered? Or, inter dimensional beings? We continued along the outskirts of the main house area and then stumbled upon the ranch area where the animals were kept, horse rides were provided and so forth. This area was not blocked off and there were recent foot prints on the dirt so I took this to mean it was safe to walk around and Nova and I explored the area. No weird vibes here, just like stepping back in time. You could see the staging area for the horses, feeding areas for the petting zoo and you could even walk into some of the old buildings that are now derelict.

We circled back and headed down the opposite side of the main housing area that was blocked off by fence. We found the remains of the houses that used to be and some old farming equipment. Finally, my stomach began to rumble and feeling the need for some food we headed back to camp.

After returning to camp, I delved into the history behind the ranch. Bob Bradshaw bought the ranch in 1960. It had been a homestead since 1920 and only one adobe structure remained. It is believed that this adobe structure, which still stands today is the oldest building in Sedona. Bob Bradshaw started Sedona’s first guided tours and used the ranch for filming movies such as Stay Away Joe starring Elvis. Bob was married to his wife Linda and had a son named John who still resides in Sedona. The family became a cornerstone of Sedona providing tours, hosting movies and creating a photo studio for the town. However, not everything was picture perfect for the Bradshaws. Both Bob and Linda reported seeing balls of light or orbs. There is a youtube video I will link of Bob explaining what he saw

Linda’s experiences go much further. The following is from William Hamilton in 1999, a friend of a friend of Linda’s who went to the ranch to speak to Linda.

"One night while her and her husband were sitting in the kitchen they heard a noise that sounded like shattering glass come from inside their kitchen space, but nothing was seen and no shards of glass were ever found. She has heard footsteps both outside and inside the house when nobody could be seen. To further compound the mysterious events, some unknown agency would lift her camera at night and snap pictures around various parts of the house. One picture showed the light over the kitchen table, yet the area surrounding the light was completely dark! Another picture taken by the unknown agent showed the yard as seen through one of the kitchen windows, but it wasn't quite the same yard as a portion of the scene seemed blocked off by a mysterious illuminated border.

Linda first took us to the horse corral. There were many nights when her horses were spooked by something that left tracks in the dirt. These large three-toed tracks were not identifiable as belonging to any of the known wildlife in the canyons. Linda indicated a trail that we could walk toward an old western movie set that had been erected sometime ago. She said that we would find more tracks as we walked into the old west town. Most of the buildings were just facades. Linda said we should look for the tracks of Big Girl, a bigfoot that both she and her son had seen on occasion and which had left evidence of its presence at nearby locations.

I was told that if I tripped by camera flash in the dark I would see that the air was filled with an unusual sparkling energy. I deliberately flashed my camera in the dark while looking through the viewfinder, and, indeed, I could see glowing particles filling the air. Seeking a conventional explanation for this spectacle, I surmised that particles of dust must be suspended in the air, and that my flash simply reflected off these numerous particles of dust, but as I continued the experiment, I noticed that the glittering particles did not move around as I have seen dust move, but rather seemed to be suspended or frozen in the air.

As we continued walking, I noticed from time to time, a tiny light would flicker on in distant bushes, then extinguish. I asked Tom about this and he said that he noticed this on all of his frequent excursions out there. They appeared to be like the fireflies I used to watch at my uncle's house on Long Island when I was a young boy. But fireflies were not known in Arizona.

Linda told me about her son Victor's experiences. Victor had taken a hike back in the canyons one day and stumbled upon some white trucks and men in white suits. One flat-bed truck carried a wingless craft on its bed. Victor felt that he was being observed. He had his video cam at the ready and scanned the scene below his position when he thought he heard a noise in the bushes behind him. When he turned to look, he saw a creature peering back at him, then duck out of sight. This creature looked like a typical gray alien. On another hiking expedition into the canyons, he had become lost. He was walking in one place in daylight, then he found himself in an unknown location and it was suddenly night!

I kept asking Linda details about the photograph of the window or gateway taken near the juniper tree. She had only seen a bright rectangle of light, yet the developed photo looks like a window into another world. Unless Tom, Linda, and now Kim were in collusion on a magnificent hoax, I would have to think that the photos are untampered and show what they purport to show. While it is true that they have not been subject to expert analysis, it still leads one to speculate about the happenings on the Bradshaw Ranch.

There seem to be three significant elements to the Bradshaw events: 1) The Gateway Window; 2) the ever-present orbs; and 3) the sparkling energy in the air. The presence of humanoid entities, mysterious craft, and mysterious animals seemed tied into the elements offering clues to the mysterious world that was intersecting our familiar world in this remote canyon beyond Sedona.

Looking at the Gateway photo reveals a number of things. The scene inside the window area is in daylight. A structure that looks exactly like a telephone pole with the cross struts and insulators is on the right. A third of the way down from the top of the window one can see an a dark oval object that looks like a flying saucer. At the bottom left corner is a jumble of indistinct objects that could be foliage or even a humanoid figure. What is even stranger is an embossed area to the left of the phone pole that looks like a light round object with projecting lines and the number 39 raised up to the right of the round object. There are two photos of the window taken in rapid succession before the window closed down. There are no telephone poles on the ranch property and there are certainly none stuck in the ground next to the juniper tree. If one wanted to come up with a hoax scenario, it would have to involve snapping a picture in daylight and super-imposing it over a picture taken at night in another location. Of course, then one would have to explain how the daylight photo was taken of a hubcap or some other plain object thrown into the air to simulate a flying disk. Photo experts could examine the negatives for signs of double exposure or superposition. I, for one, would like to see the photos analyzed, but for the sake of argument, let us examine the implications if the photos were taken as described by the witness. Additionally, supporting the authenticity of the photos is the fact that photos taken by Kim and Pamela also show anomalous images.

William Hamilton’s experience is not the only one. Bradshaw Ranch has been featured on many UFO and Paranormal shows. Thousands have visited the ranch and experienced the odd and the unusual. So now not only have multiple people experienced and caught odd findings on camera but supposedly the ranch has has a higher magnetic reading than any other surrounding area. For some odd and mysterious reason, no one has yet been able to explain why the magnetic fields of the Sedona mountains around the Bradshaw Ranch are over 500 times greater than anywhere else. Bradshaw ranch was suddenly purchased by the Government in May 2003 and no trespassing signs were posted all over under the ruse of archaeological research. However, locals never saw any research or excavations being done. Locals also claimed that there were frequently military personnel seen around the area, and in addition to the signs keeping people out were also armed guards said to patrol the area and turn people away in no uncertain terms. Unverified reports exist of hikers being confronted and turned away by heavily armed guards with no visible identification or insignia, or even more ominously chased off the property by either guards or all terrain vehicles that are all black with no noticeable markings. Later the land was given to the Forest Service and part of the land is now used by the University of Arizona..

Linda recounts numerous odd occurrences. These are taken from her book Merging Dimensions:

"Strolling past the window were four short-statured aliens wearing tight-fitting one-piece uniforms of a light tan color. They were what are typically called the Zeta Reticuli (also known as the Grays), only these appeared to be a bit more ashen-colored, almost white. Once the beings were out of sight and the witnesses recomposed themselves, the three of them jumped into their car and sped to the house where I was sleeping. I remember so vividly how my son vigorously shook my arm to wake me up. I can still hear the trepidation in his voice as he said, “Mom, wake up. They’re here!” I raised up and said, “Who’s here?” He exclaimed, “The aliens, Mom.”

The next day she allegedly went out to investigate the area where the entities had been seen and found tiny footprints in the ground, which they took video footage of. On top of aliens there were also sighings made of large, hairy Bigfoot-like creatures on the property, in particular one Linda nicknamed “Big Girl,” which was seen frequently, and other less discernible creatures. Even stranger than these sightings were accounts of spotting what were described as actual dinosaurs at the ranch, with Linda herself claiming one time to have seen a 5-foot-tall bipedal lizard with a long tail standing on a dirt path one evening. These apparent “dinosaurs,” purportedly left large, reptilian tracks that were sometimes found on the property as well.

Bradshaw Ranch seems to rival Skinwalker Ranch for the amount of experiences both positive and negative that people have experienced over the years. The ranch as I mentioned before gained attention of multiple tv shows and in particular one experience stands out. In April of 2013, Discovery Channel’s Uncovering Aliens filmed multiple segments at the ranch. During filming, crew member Steven Jones alleges that he experienced his own bout of the unknown. While an interview was being conducted with Dongo, Jones had wandered off on his own, past the properties windmill above the fence-line on the hill. Jones returned thirty-or-so minutes later, interrupting the crew, flustered, asking the time and yelling for everyone to look at his wristwatch. It had stopped. He recounted that he had heard unusual voices or odd whispers coming from somewhere around him, experienced a brief period of missing time, and visually pointed out the electrical disturbance of his watch. The experience was not aired on television.

It’s interesting to note that this same spot is where I felt that someone was watching me, and could have sworn that I heard a whisper or two.

Some of the images depicted on the ancient ruins in the area look as if the people were being visited by giants, or perhaps beings from another world. The mysterious tracks, the orb sightings, the ruins, the many stories and experiences that people have shared in the area.

It’s all very curious and odd.

I didn’t see any Bigfoot tracks, I didn’t see any aliens, however I enjoyed walking through the ranch and imagining a bygone era of film crews and cowboys just hanging out at the stables. We’re actually taking a trip there again tonight with some friends around sunset to see if we can see or hear anything. I’ll also keep you apprised of any findings!

Until next time, Stay Curious.

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