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Paranormal and Sci-Fi TV Shows in 2022

I'm a sucker for bingeing a good tv series and there seems to be some interesting shows that have already come out and some that I am looking forward to watching later this year. Here's my list of shows that I'm looking forward to watching in the paranormal and sci-fi categories.

Shows Currently Out

Ghost Town Terror - One of my favorite podcasters and paranormal researcher, Sapphire Sandolo teams up with paranormal investigator Tim Wood to investigate Gunslinger Gulch, a ghost town in rural Montana that a mother and her family moved to in 2019. I've started watching the show on Discovery+ and so far it seems interesting. I think they could take the shaky camera movements and over-the-top spinning transitions down a notch. But the stories of Gunslinger Gulch and its ghosts are compelling.

Cracow Monsters - This Polish show is about a young woman who meets a mysterious professor and a group of students with supernatural powers. Together they investigate paranormal activity, perform rituals, and face demons, past and present.

Parallels - This French show is now streaming on Disney+. I haven't started this show yet, but the trailer gave me Stranger Things vibes, as the story follows four teenagers. The teens experience something mysterious that splits them apart into different dimensions.

Severance - Out on Apple. To achieve the best work-life balance Lumon employee, Mark, played by Adam Scott, agrees to have his personal-life memories separated from his work-life memories, but a series of events causes Mark and his fellow employees to question what they are really doing at work.

Shows Coming Out This Year

Outer Range - I am SO looking forward to this new Prime Video series coming out in just 10 days. This Western tale follows a rancher and his family who discover something mysterious on their property. Josh Brolin plays protagonist Royal Abbott. The trailer is amazing and packs a lot of emotion and intrigue in a few minutes.

Night Sky - Another Prime Video series releasing May 20th. . . I have not found a trailer out for this one, but there has been a lot of talk about it. Featuring Sissy Spacek and J.K. Simmons, the plot centers around a couple who discovered a portal or chamber in their yard that allows them to travel to a deserted planet.

Lockwood and Co - This Netflix series, has not come out with a release date, but did wrap up filming in December, with principal photography being completed last month. It is a supernatural thriller story based on the young adult books written by Jonathan Stroud. There is lots of chatter about this one too, so I think it should be a good one to watch!

That's it for upcoming tv shows I'm looking forward to this year. I will probably post a review on Outer Range, Severance, and Ghost Town Terror as soon as I finish watching those. Those are probably in my top 3 list to watch for the month of April. Which ones are you looking forward to?

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