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Spectral Suppers: The AfterLife Investigators Visit Spanky's

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Spanky's Diner in Massena (Photo by Katie Brittle)

As I settled into Massena, NY, the whispers of its enigmatic tales quickly reached my ears. Among them, the haunting stories of Spanky’s Diner stood out, beckoning me to explore further. This iconic local eatery, cherished for its comforting dishes, hides eerie stories that contrast its warm ambiance. And in the latest episode of Lady Teal's Curios, I share these chilling tales that have become an indelible part of Massena's legacy.

From the old owner who experienced poltergeist-like antics in the basement to the diner patron who unknowingly interacted with a phantom waitress, every story from Spanky’s has added a new layer to my understanding of this quaint town's mysterious heart.

Spanky's Diner backside, Spanky's Massena haunted, Massena paranormal investigating, local haunted spots in upstate new york, haunted restaurants, haunted diners
The backside of Spanky's Diner Home Cooking (Photo by Katie Brittle)

Now, if you've been keeping up with recent episodes, you've met Melvin. For those new to the show: Melvin is my rather unique co-host. This witty butler turned skeleton, boasting of a Victorian past, adds insights from a bygone era that often offer a humorous perspective to our haunting tales.

melvin, cohost, ai art, midjourney, podcast cohosts
Melvin, Our New Cohost Brought Back to Life Through The Miracle of Science

In this episode, I interview Alonie McGee and William Gilbo from AfterLife Investigators to get a sense of how they go about investigating paranormal activity. They tell me about their experiences with the recent two investigations they performed at Spanky's Diner.

afterlife investigators, paranormal investigators, spanky's diner
The AfterLife Investigator Team (L-R: Alonie McGee, Austin Miller, Taylor Gibson, William Gilbo)(Photo Courtesy of North Country Now)

Join us as we navigate the spectral tales of Spanky's and unravel the mysteries it holds. With every episode, we're not just sharing stories; we're connecting with the past, one haunting tale at a time.

Perhaps, the next time you're in Massena, you might just pay Spanky’s Diner a visit – for the food, the stories, or perhaps, a ghostly encounter of your own.

Credits from Episode:

AfterLife Investigators Alonie McGee and William Gilbo. For those curious souls seeking more on their paranormal pursuits, you can connect with them on their social platforms:

Our journey is accentuated by haunting melodies from these talented artists:

  • Arriving in Dark Places by Samuel F. Johanns from Pixabay

  • Keepers of the Secrets by daub_audio from Pixabay

  • Spooky Music Theme by TheoJT from Pixabay

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