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Stefanie Correia's Debut at Midsummer Scream 2023: A Miniature Experience of Epic Proportions

Updated: Oct 1

As the mist rolls in and the season of the witch approaches, enthusiasts and professionals alike gather to partake in the wonders of the Midsummer Scream located in Long Beach, California. For fans of the dark and eerie this event is a haven of spooky delights. And this year was no exception.

Navigating the shadowy halls of the convention many a curious booth can be seen. Among them, one in particular catches the wandering eye: that of Stefanie Correia, creator of The Golden Hare. This year Stefanie transitioned from attendee to vendor, unveiling her bewitching miniatures. Many, drawn to the allure of the mysterious, gravitated towards her booth, with several acquiring miniature tombstones and witch's hats to add to their collections.

"Every single person working the event was so kind and ready to help anyone and everyone," Stefanie shared. "I am still blown away by the overall response I received from everyone that came by my booth and I am so grateful to everyone that purchased a miniature." She reminisced about the challenges, from the elevator fiasco on the last day to the contrasts in the load-in and load-out processes, yet she remained ever-optimistic. "The pros very much outweigh the cons," she admitted.

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Stefanie Correia

For those who returned to the event in 2023, it seemed more tailored to Halloween enthusiasts compared to the prior year. While 2022 offered a diverse range of booths catering to both, the 2023 event seemed to place a stronger emphasis on the Halloween aficionado. Some voiced concerns regarding the quality of the Haunted Attractions, noting that they were less impressive than the previous year. Furthermore, the event felt more saturated, potentially due to the significant increase in attendees. Stefanie pointed out a striking difference, “Last year (2022) there were approximately 18,000 attendees and this year (2023) was about 45,000!” However, the sheer scale and spectacle offered a sense of awe for newcomers to the event. Observing their reactions served as a reminder of the enchantment that such gatherings can bestow, even on those who frequent them regularly. Diana from the paranormal podcast Homespun Haints commented on the event as a first-time attendee, "Attending this convention was an eye-opener. It's heartwarming to realize there's a whole community out there who shares our passion. I've found my people, and I'm already marking my calendar for the next gathering!" Her co-host Becky relayed a similar feeling, “Before this, I honestly had no clue such magnificent Halloween conventions even existed! It's like stepping into a world I've always dreamt of.”

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Diana from Homespun Haints, Katie from Lady Teal’s Curios, Becky from Homespun Haints, and Kristy Lytle from Shadowreach Co.

Stefanie's transition from attendee to vendor illuminated a different facet of the convention. "As a vendor this year, I didn’t have much time to walk around," she noted. The staggering number of attendees limited her chances of fully experiencing other attractions. However, she's determined to return stronger and more prepared next year, planning to have a team to allow for smoother operations and more personal exploration time.

In alignment with the ethos of Lady Teal's Curios, there's an inherent appreciation for the odd and fantastical. Stefanie's booth was a delightful anomaly amidst the spectral ambiance. Her dedication to her craft and passion for spooky, whimsical, and horror miniatures struck a chord with many. Stefanie reflected on the camaraderie that you feel at an event like this, “The guests really made my weekend so magical, especially all the children who love miniatures and horror!”

While Midsummer Scream 2023 had its hiccups, it remains a beacon for all things spooky. Concluding this tale, here’s a word to all enthusiasts of the mysterious: next time you're wandering in a world of the uncanny, take a moment to seek out the miniature masterpieces of Stefanie Correia. After all, often it's the tiniest details that hold the most captivating tales.

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