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Summer of Scares: Must-Attend Halloween and Horror Conventions in 2023

Updated: Oct 1

As summer's golden rays begin to warm the earth, thrill-seekers and horror enthusiasts alike turn their gaze to a darker kind of entertainment. From the shadowy corners of convention halls to the eerie ambiance of local haunts, here is a Halloween and Horror Summer Event List to guide you to spine-tingling summer fun. With a ghoulish blend of film festivals, horror conventions, and immersive experiences, join us in celebrating the macabre and the mystifying across the country.

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From the chilling Carolina Fear Fest in Raleigh, North Carolina, to the popular Midsummer Scream convention n in Long Beach, CA, there's an adventure for everyone. Every event promises to be a hauntingly good time. 👻

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  1. Carolina Fear Fest: May 26 - 28th, Raleigh, NC Carolina Fear Fest is North Carolina's premier horror convention. Whether you're a hardcore horror fanatic or just dipping your toes into the macabre, there's something for everyone at Carolina Fear Fest.

  2. Horror on Main: May 26 - 28th, Hunt Valley, MD Horror on Main combines the quaint charm of a small town with the ominous allure of horror. From local artists to renowned figures in the genre, Horror on Main has something to send a chill down every spine.

  3. Texas Frightmare Weekend: May 26 - 28th, Irving, TX Texas Frightmare Weekend is the Southwest's premier horror convention. Get ready to be immersed in all things horror, from films to literature, cosplay, and more.

  4. Monsterpalooza: June 2 - 4th, Pasadena, CA Monsterpalooza is where the creatures of your darkest nightmares come to life. Witness some of the most talented artists in the horror genre showcase their gruesome creations.

  5. Charlies Horror Meets Sci-Fi Con: June 3 - 4th, Sarasota, FL Where Horror meets science fiction: Charlies Horror Meets Sci Fi Con is a unique event that blends the terror of horror with the intrigue of sci-fi. An interesting mix that guarantees a thrilling time for all.

  6. Horror Hotel: June 8 - 11th, Strongsville, OH Are you ready to check into the Horror Hotel? This film festival and convention showcases independent horror films from around the world.

  7. Midwest Haunters Convention: June 8-11, Rosemont, IL Calling all haunt enthusiasts, home haunters, and Halloween lovers! Midwest Haunters Convention is the place for everything haunting, from professional haunts to Halloween decor.

  8. Midsummer Scream: July 28-30, Long Beach, CA Get ready for a summer scream-fest. Midsummer Scream is a weekend-long festival celebrating the spirit of Halloween and horror, complete with world-class panel presentations, more than 300 vendors, live entertainment, and more.

  9. Ghosts of Summer: July 29-30, Portland, OR Born out of the love for Halloween and a yearning for community, this convention is a cornucopia of Halloween-related activities and events brought to life by the diverse, quirky, and wonderful people of the Pacific Northwest.

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As the Summer of Scares culminates with the Ghosts of Summer in Portland, Oregon, we'll leave you with a heart full of memories and a soul craving for more spine-chilling fun. Our Halloween and Horror Summer Event list is your one-stop guide to the best Halloween, Horror conventions, and film festivals. These events across the country make the most of those long summer days and transform them into something far more intriguing than the usual sun-and-sand fare. The thrill of Halloween and the excitement of horror needn't be confined to the fall - with our guide, you can experience the chill of the macabre all summer long. We invite you to dive into this season of horror and emerge, forever captivated by the allure of the uncanny.

If you would like to see your Halloween, Haunt, or Horror Event featured here, send a message to!

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