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Summerween Party Ideas - Beachside Boos!

"Join us where the sand and spooks unite, For a Beachside Boos bash full of fright. Come dressed in your spookiest beachwear, For a night of fun beyond compare!"

For this beachside Summerween party I had to try and find something classically spooky to wear for myself and my +1.

In searching for attire, I came up with my own new line for men's swimsuits... I like to call it the Full Moon Collection....hehehe.

Some other Spooky swimwear I imagined up. Which one is your favorite?

Ok, now that we've got our spooky outfits chosen let's get on to the party deets!


Main Course:

Ghostly Grilled Shrimp Skewers - Marinate large shrimp in a blend of lemon, garlic, and spices. Thread them onto skewers, leaving a space at the bottom for an olive. Place the olive at the bottom of the skewer to serve as the ghost's head. Grill until pink and opaque, then drape each skewer with a slice of white cheese to give it a ghostly appearance. Serve over beach-themed shaped pasta (like shells or starfish) tossed with a spooky squid ink sauce. You could also use grilled chicken for those who do not like seafood, and tofu for those who aren't carnivorous creatures.

Cocktail: Spectral Sea Breeze

Mix a classic Sea Breeze cocktail - vodka, cranberry juice, and grapefruit juice, then add a twist with a splash of Blue Curacao for a vibrant beachy color. Serve in a glass with an optional ghostly sugar rim (made by mixing sugar with a bit of edible silver dust). Add a lychee and blueberry or strawberry to resemble eyeballs.

Non-alcoholic Beverage: Haunted Coconut Water Cooler

Serve chilled coconut water with a hint of lime and mint, dressed up with spooky ice cubes. You can freeze these cubes with small, edible, gummy creatures inside (like worms or spiders) to surprise your guests as they melt. Decorate the cooler with artificial seaweed and ghost stickers.

Appetizer: Monster Mussels

Serve steamed mussels in a garlicky white wine sauce, dyed a spooky green with a dash of food coloring. Garnish each shell with tiny edible eyeballs (available in many baking supply stores) to create a bunch of one-eyed monsters.

Dessert: Jack-o'-lantern Ice Cream Sundae

Take some ice cream and pieces of chocolate to make a deliciously decadent Halloween-themed sundae with pumpkin spice toppings, butterscotch and more. Use a clear bowl, place the chocolate pieces against the glass and fill the rest of the bowl with your favorite ice cream flavor or orange sorbet to create a jack-o-lantern effect!

Skull Shaped Popscicles

Use a skull shaped mold and your favorite popsicle flavor or ice cream to fill the the mold with, place stick and voila! Spooky Popsicles perfect for a hot day.


Spectral Sandcastles

Set up a few sandcastles or haunted mansions around the party area made from sand-colored play dough or actual sand, if feasible. Place tiny toy skeletons as if they're building or playing around the castles.

Haunted Umbrellas

Check out the Lively Ghosts Cocktail Umbrellas featured in the shop! There are an array from Beetlejuice inspired to the classic Halloween orange that is sure to make a splash at any beachside boos party.

Lifeguard Stand Photo Booth

Set up a photo booth with a backdrop of a lifeguard stand. Provide props like inflatable ghosts, skeleton sunglasses, and a sign saying "Beware: Shark Zone!"

Lantern-lit Pathway: Create pathways with beachball Jack-o'-lanterns or seashell candle holders to guide guests and provide an eerie glow.

Table Decor: Cover tables with tropical spooky tablecloths and decorate with pumpkins, spooky-themed candle holders, skeleton figurines in bathing suits, and buckets filled with faux beach sand and sea creatures.

I hope you enjoyed this Beachside Boos Summerween concept!

Stay tuned for more spooky Summerween Party Ideas!!

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