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Summon Your Summer Spirits: Your Summerween Party Guide

Summer is knocking on our doors, only a mere 21 days away, but who says we can't celebrate the chills and thrills of Halloween? Welcome to Summerween, a delightful seasonal twist that transforms your summer barbecues into enchanting, ghostly gatherings. At Lady Teal's Curios, I'm committed to celebrating the uncanny all year round, and I've got some unique party ideas that will help you bring the spirit of Halloween into the heart of summer.

summerween, skeleton pool, skeleton enjoying the summertime on a floatie, pool floatie

Summerween Party Themes

I've conjured up 8 eerie and fun Summerween party themes for your summer barbecues. From beachside specters to tropical terrors, these themes promise to add an exciting dash of delightful horror and whimsy to your summer festivities. I'll be releasing one theme each day so that you can prep to party with me in spooky style. Each party theme idea will have decor, recipes, DIY crafts, games, and more.

Now, I'm not going to share all the deets today. What fun would that be? But you'll get the list and the gist of it so you can start brainstorming away!

  1. Beachside Boos: Create a beach setting, with a twist. Decorate with inflatable ghosts in swimsuits, skeleton beachgoers, and seashell candle holders. Don't forget a beachball Jack-o'-lantern

  2. Tropical Tiki Terror: Host a Hawaiian Luau with a spooky spin. Think carved pineapple Jack-o'-lanterns, tiki torches, and tropical cocktails served in skull-shaped mugs.

  3. Jaws-Themed Party: With shark fin cupcakes, beach-themed decorations, and a "Jaws" movie marathon, this theme is sure to be a hit for shark and horror fans alike.

  4. Gothic Ghosts in the Garden Party: Turn your backyard into an eerie gothic Victorian-themed garden filled with specters and spirits. String fairy lights, set the table with antique dishes, and encourage guests to wear their ghostly best attire.

  5. Witch's Woodland Gathering: An eerie, enchanting escape into a world of spellbound stews, mystical meads, and an atmospheric décor replete with witchy elements, all set within the mysterious depths of an enchanted forest.

  6. Cryptid's Lakeside Retreat: Explore the legends and lore of famous cryptids, such as Bigfoot, Nessie, and Mothman. Incorporate themed food and drink, cryptid games, and cryptid decorations to create a truly mysterious and thrilling atmosphere by the lake.

  7. Creepy Campout: If you have the space, a campout can be an excellent Summerween party idea. Tell ghost stories around a campfire, make s'mores, and watch a classic horror movie outdoors.

  8. Midsummer Night's Scream: A party inspired by Shakespeare's play but with a Halloween twist. Think fairy lights, rustic decorations, and plenty of magical elements.

summerween party ideas, summerween, tiki party idea, halloween tiki ideas

Over the next weeks, I shall unveil each of the 8 themed party ideas in detail. Expect concoctions of themed drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), creepy appetizers, spectral dinner ideas, spooky desserts, ghastly décor inspirations, and DIY projects that will make your Summerween party truly one-of-a-kind.

Stay tuned for more spooky guidance, and together, let's turn this summer into a celebration of the macabre, the mysterious, and the delightfully strange. Get ready to embrace your inner ghost, ghoul, or goblin, and make this Summerween the most spooktacular yet!

Other Summerween Events

My good friend Sinister Sarah, over at Slightly Sinister is hosting a slew of sinister summer events over on Patreon. One of the events is a writing contest, You do have to be a Patreon member to enter. The Slightly Sinister Academy and Secret Society is so much fun and there is always some spooky crafting going on!

slightly sinister, sinister sarah, writing contest, summerween

Patten Square in Chattanooga is hosting a Summerween event June 24th! Fun for all includes your typical Halloween traditions including trick or treating, but also some new ones with a twist:

  • -Watermelon Carving Contest: arrive with your pre-carved watermelon for a chance to win a $100 Chattanooga Express Card! 8:00 pm Judging

  • Kid Costume Contest - 7:15pm; Best Dressed wins a $50 Chattanooga Express Card

  • Adult Costume Contest - 9:30pm; Best Dressed wins a $50 Chattanooga Express Card

The Scare Factor keeps a list of Year-Round Haunted Houses and a lot are opening their doors this summer! What better way to spend a hot summer night, screaming your head off in a nice, cool, air-conditioned haunt?!

Have a Summerween event you'd like to share? Let me know!! Stay Curious!

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