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The Haunting Tales of Spanky's Diner in Massena, NY

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Spanky's Diner Interior

The Mysterious Aura of Spanky's Diner in Massena, NY

Spanky's Diner, a well-known eatery in the small town of Massena, NY, is not just renowned for its American homestyle cuisine but also for its haunting tales that either sends shivers down the spines of locals and visitors or piques their curiosity to learn more about the diner's haunted past. Its establishment date might be elusive, but its ghostly legends are vivid and well-documented.

bridge over Grass River, Main St of Massena, NY, small town america
Bridge Over Grass River Heading Toward Downtown Massena, NY

Spanky's Diner: A Hub of Haunting Tales and Local Legends

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Spanky's Diner Sign Home Cooking

Alonie McGee, one of the investigators from Afterlife Investigators, shared the personal motivation behind their investigation of the diner. "Growing up in Massena, I always heard tales about Spanky's being haunted," he began. "Stories circulated about the old owner having objects hurled at him in the basement. One of the most unforgettable tales from my younger days was of a man finishing a long work shift and deciding to eat at Spanky's. He placed his order with a waitress who then seemed to walk into the back room. Moments later, a different waitress approached to take his order. When he mentioned the earlier interaction, she informed him that she was the only waitress working that night. Stories like these always piqued my interest, and I've longed to investigate Spanky's ever since."

Old Newspaper Clippings From Local Massena Newspapers, historic, history, old papers, old newspapers
Old Newspaper Clippings From Local Massena Newspapers

From Personal Anecdotes to Eerie Encounters: Spanky's Diner’s Supernatural Stories

In an article from North Country Now, Jordan Floyd, a member of the diner’s kitchen staff, recounts uncanny experiences. Mimicking voices, invisible entities pinching or tapping on the shoulder, and unexplained footsteps on the basement stairs are just a few of the spine-tingling incidents Floyd and others have reported. Such peculiar occurrences are not limited to the staff. As documented on New York Haunted Houses, diners have felt uneasy sensations, witnessed orbs, apparitions, phantom faces, and even a peculiar incident where a ghost reportedly tied together the shoelaces of a patron while she was eating.

William Gilbo of Afterlife Investigators recounted an unsettling event during one of their visits. "When we were upstairs heading to the downstairs, we caught an apparition on the camera. Austin felt a presence; he saw a shadow approaching him on the stairs. On reviewing the footage, we spotted a shadow moving from the pantry towards the stairs. As this happened, we had our EMF meter set up near where a malevolent spirit was believed to reside. Immediately afterward, Austin exclaimed, 'No, get away from me!' and fled up the stairs."

spanky's diner interior, spanky's restaurant in massena, ny. Spanky's haunted restaurant, haunted places in massena, haunted massena, haunted upstate ny
Spanky's Diner Interior, A Welcoming Atmosphere With A Vintage Appeal

Spanky's Diner Proximity to Pine Grove Cemetery: A Chilling Connection

Spanky's Diner, with its iconic sign, is not just a culinary landmark. It's a place steeped in mystery and local legends.

spanky's diner with view of cemetery, spanky's diner in massena ny, spanky's pine grove cemetery, massena, ny
Spanky's Diner, back side of the building with view of cemetery on the hill

Close by, a river whispers tales of a drowned girl, with claims of her apparition seen walking from its banks toward the diner.

Grass River on a stormy, cloudy day, rivers in Massena, NY , rivers
Grass River, Massena, NY

The narratives become even more haunting considering the diner's close proximity, diagonally across the street, to Pine Grove Cemetery. The very mention of this cemetery evokes images of a resting place for souls, some of whom might still wander, restless. Both the diner and the cemetery stand juxtaposed, a poignant reminder of the spectral connections that bind the town's past and present.

Pine Grove Cemetery View From Spanky's Diner, haunted cemeteries, haunted places, haunted new york, taphophiles
View of Cemetery From Spanky's

Pine Grove Cemetery, Massena, NY, cemeteries, taphophiles, historic
Entrance of Pine Grove Cemetery

pine grove cemetery, pine grove cemetery main hall, historic cemeteries, taphophilia, old towns, historic towns, cemeteries in new york
Pine Grove Cemetery

Spanky's Diner at Sunset: Dusk for the Living or Dawn for the Spirits?

Spanky's Diner offers more than just food to its patrons. It's a place where the past lingers, where stories of the supernatural are as much a part of its fabric as its vintage decor. As you depart, a view of the diner against a backdrop of looming gray clouds may leave you pondering – is it merely a storm that's brewing, or are restless spirits stirring in anticipation?

spanky's diner, spanky's is open on sundays, Spanky's Diner in Massena, NY. Haunted restaurants, halloween places to eat, homecooked meals, homestyle cooking
Spanky's Diner Street View With View of Cemetery in the Background

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