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The Midwest Haunter's Convention - A Halloween Enthusiast's Paradise

Greetings, curious wanderers! Today, I'd like to share some exciting news about a spooky journey I'll be embarking on soon. I'm stepping out of the lush green forests of Vermont to delve into the supernatural world of the Midwest Haunter's Convention (MHC).

For those unfamiliar, the Midwest Haunter's Convention is one of the largest gatherings of haunt enthusiasts in the United States. It's an incredible event, which brings together a diverse crowd of haunt owners, enthusiasts, actors, and home haunters, all sharing their love for the eerie, bizarre, and fascinating. Think of it as a gathering of like-minded souls, all there to explore the art of the haunt.

Although this will be my first time attending MHC, I am no stranger to haunter conventions. I've had the thrill of experiencing the fantastical world of TransWorld's Halloween & Attractions Show and the chilling excitement at Midsummer Scream. Both conventions have left lasting impressions like Yeti tracks in the freezing snow.

As for MHC, while I can't quite know what to expect, there's plenty I'm excited to delve into. One of the highlights of the convention that I'm eager to explore is the variety of educational opportunities available. With seminars and workshops on topics ranging from haunt makeup techniques to crafting the perfect haunted storyline, there's an abundant wealth of knowledge to be gleaned. I am particularly excited about the Haunt Tours, as nothing compares to the thrill of walking through a well-crafted haunt. From the attention to detail in the sets to the adrenaline rush of a well-timed scare, these tours are a haunt enthusiast's dream come true.

In addition, I look forward to the vibrant Trade Show Floor, filled with vendors showcasing their unique and spooky wares. There is no doubt that I will come away with some new curios to add to Lady Teal's collection.

Lastly, the networking opportunities are something I'm eagerly anticipating. Meeting fellow haunters, sharing tales of Halloween lore, and building connections within this extraordinary community is an experience like no other.

Even though this is my first journey to the Midwest Haunter's Convention, I am ready to dive in headfirst and take in everything it has to offer. I invite you to join me on this adventure, as I will be sharing my experiences, tales, and spooky finds with you.

Stay curious, my friends, and stay tuned for more tales from the Midwest Haunter's Convention!

I'll be going Live on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday so be sure to follow me on!

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