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Wanderings: Part 1 of the Superstition Mountains

I've stayed in Apache Junction across from the Superstition Mountains twice now. In this episode I talk about the main legend that draws people from all over the country, and that is of the famous Lost Dutchman.

I took this photograph during our stay in late January of 2021. It is rare to see the mountain covered in snow and people were pulling off from the side of the road to take a photo. Luckily, we were camped from this vantage point and had an amazing view. The actual mountain range extends much further than this but this particular mountain is known as The Superstition Mountain or colloquially as The Lost Dutchman/The Lost Dutchman's Mountain.

The first time we were here was back in September when it was 110 degrees. So I spent a lot of time looking at museums and places indoors with air conditioning! We came back in late January and it was in the low 60s so I was excited to finally get some hiking in, but then I fell sick during our stay here and wasn't able to do much hiking unfortunately. The research for Part 1 and Part 2 of these episodes kept me busy, and I aim to go hiking in these mysterious mountains sometime in the future!

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