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Butterfly Collage

Whimsical Wednesday

When I'm experiencing a rather frustrating day, nothing helps me more than a bit of window shopping. Alas, I work from my manor most days so my perusal must take place on Pinterest. I've been taking great comfort in the creation of whimsical garments.

Spring is just around the corner and with Spring comes the Renaissance Festival. With the Renaissance Festival comes lifted spirits and delicious spirits. My Lord and I travel great distances with our trustee huskies to visit the Renaissance Festival each year. I am always astonished by the creatures from various lands that must make great sacrifices to grace the peers and peeresses with their presence. The creatures often have other worldly looks, but couple that with their extraordinary textiles and your eyes will find something truly amazing to behold.

To assist me in getting over this rather treacherous hump day, I implore you to let your eyes wander across the following wares that truly made me feel as if I was browsing an ethereal market hosted by the Universe herself.

This dress is Activated upon a gaze.

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