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Women of the Woods Released Today!

I have always enjoyed creative writing. This year I had the amazing opportunity to be apart of a very special anthology called Women of the Woods. Vanessa Eccles of Fabled Collective had the vision of bringing various women authors together for this anthology dedicated to spooky stories, lore, and the darkness that surrounds the woods.

Originally, written as a short film and adapted into a short story, my story Saiya hit close to home as we were living in the woods alone, during a pandemic. There does seem to be a stereotype for those who live in solitude for too long. The loneliness starts to get to you, perhaps you begin to lose touch with reality just a bit. Saiya was also inspired by my beloved Trek who passed away in July this year. He always seemed to be dancing between our world and another plane of existence. I'll probably do a longer post on some of the meaning and symbolism behind Saiya in the future, after everyone has had a change to digest it.

For now, I'd love you to check it out and let me know what your thoughts are. You can purchase the book below and both paperback and Kindle editions are available:

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