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From Skepticism to Belief - The Psychic Visit That Changed Jarina's Life

In the latest episode, listeners are treated to an intriguing tale that dances along the edges of the mystical and the mundane. Originally from England and now residing in Atlanta, Georgia, Jarina recounts an event from over three decades ago that left an indelible mark on her worldview. A friend's invitation to a psychic reading served as the catalyst for this change. Initially skeptical, Jarina's doubts were piqued when her friend's sister-in-law emerged from her psychic visit pale and shaken, claiming the psychic revealed something deeply personal and unknown to others.

Teal and purple psychic midjourney
A psychic, a medium, a woman who can see in the future. Artwork by Katie Brittle

Jarina's own reading was equally startling. The psychic foresaw seemingly random yet specific events: troubles with wardrobes (a peculiar detail given the English preference for wardrobes over closets), a child's broken leg, an overseas move, a divorce followed by a remarriage on a weekday, and a trip to Italy. Additionally, the psychic predicted Jarina's acquisition of a red sports car with an Olympic license plate, a peculiar detail considering the family's impending move to Atlanta, host of the 1996 Olympics.

As time unfolded, these predictions began materializing in Jarina's life. The move to America occurred, and in a surprising twist, her husband and brother-in-law returned from a car auction with a red sports car adorned with the unique Olympic tag. This combined with the bizarre incident of her wardrobe collapsing, her daughter's unfortunate accident resulting in a broken leg, and the eventual fruition of the psychic's other forecasts.

Ghostly Apparition of a Man Next to a Bed, teal and purple colors
Ghostly Apparition of a Man Next to a Bed, Artwork by Katie Brittle

These occurrences transformed Jarina's skepticism into belief. She found the precision of the psychic's predictions too coincidental to dismiss. This shift in perspective was further cemented when, following her ex-husband's passing, she experienced a vivid apparition of him, reinforcing her belief in the spiritual realm. "Yeah, it made my hair stand up on end for days after because it, it felt so real." Jarina said remembering the event and rubbing her arms as if she could feel those same chill bumps in this very moment.

Amy Markham, an artist and a tarot reader who comes from a long line of mediums or psychics, says that, "everyone is psychic." She explains the psychic and spiritual realms are kind of like a radio frequency and some people are tuned in better to their gifts. "Everyone has the ability to listen to the radio station, but if you're in an area that doesn't get good reception, or maybe there's something in your life that's causing interference, you aren't going to get the message."

Jarina says regarding both paranormal experiences, ""I think it makes me realize there's something besides know, just us being humans and on earth... I believe in spirituality. I believe that... there could be life after death, that not...all bodies leave and the souls leave. I believe that some do stay around, so it changed my beliefs."

beliefs, spiritualism, paranormal, psychic
Open Your Mind, Artwork by Katie Brittle

Jarina's story is a compelling testament to the power of keeping an open mind. She encourages others to remain receptive to experiences and beliefs beyond their current understanding. Her narrative, as shared on tonight's episode stands as a powerful reminder of the mysteries that life holds, urging listeners to consider the vast, unexplored realms of possibility and belief.

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