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Nostalgic Mold-A-Rama Machines Removed from Universal Orlando

Updated: Jan 28

In a surprising development, Universal Orlando Resort has discontinued the iconic Mold-A-Rama machines, much to the dismay of fans and collectors. These vending machines, celebrated for crafting plastic sculptures of famous characters like the Bride of Frankenstein, Lil Boo, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon, offered guests a unique and affordable memento, blending the charm of novelty with the thrill of witnessing their creation.

Katie Brittle with her own Lil' Boo from Halloween Horror Nights 2023
Katie Brittle with her own Lil' Boo from Halloween Horror Nights 2023

While doing a live video at Universal Orlando Resort, Universal Parks News Today discovered the Mold-A-Rama Machines were not in their original spot. Start at 6:39 to watch.

Mold-A-Rama: A Blend of Curiosity and Nostalgia

The Mold-A-Rama machines, managed by Tim Striggow of Unique Souvenirs, Inc., were not just about souvenirs; they were a part of a broader tapestry of oddities and curiosities. Each figurine, with its distinct aroma of molten plastic, was a testament to mid-century Americana and a tactile connection to the past. Particularly during events like Halloween Horror Nights, these machines became focal points, offering themed collectibles that perfectly complemented the eerie and fantastical atmosphere of the park.

Public Discontent and the Quest for Unique Souvenirs

The removal of these machines has sparked significant discontent among the public, especially among collectors who reveled in the unique nature of these souvenirs. Comments on platforms like Universal Park News Today's video illustrate the deep connection fans had with these machines: "As an avid collector of the Mold-O-Ramas, I am very very upset with this. I’m starting to get the same feelings they’re trying to be Disney and take all the fun out of the parks…"

you tube comment on the collecting of mold-a-rama figurines
A Youtuber responds to a video announcing the removal of the Mold-A-Ramas

The removal of the Mold-A-Rama machines has sparked a wave of surprise and disappointment among enthusiasts, particularly within the Mold-A-Rama-Matic Exchange Facebook Group. Members have actively expressed their dismay, specifically, one user Joe Watts, has documented his disapproval through a series of evocative photographs across the park – the former homes of the beloved machines. Accompanying his thumbs-down gesture in each photo, Watts articulates his feelings, stating, "Sad. Just sad 😥 Feels like we lost a big part of the park and its identity." His words and images resonate deeply, capturing the collective sense of loss and a longing for a cherished piece of the park's unique charm that seems to have vanished with the machines.

Universal's Response and the Path Forward

While specific reasons for the machines' removal remain unclear, a screenshot of Universal Orlando Resort's reply suggests a shift in merchandise strategy. The park's confirmation via a tweet and the evident absence of the machines affirm the change. This development leaves fans nostalgic, not just for the souvenirs but for the experience of watching these quirky, curio-like figures being molded right before their eyes.

A team member confirmed the removal of the machines on the subreddit Universal Orlando and fellow Redditors responded with their disappointment.

The exit of Mold-A-Rama machines marks a significant shift at Universal Orlando Resort. Their absence signifies more than just the loss of a souvenir; it represents the fading of an experience that intricately tied to the spirit of oddities and the peculiar charm of Halloween Horror Nights. As the park evolves, the story of Mold-A-Rama stands as a poignant narrative of change, nostalgia, and the enduring allure of the unique and curious.

Update 1/28: A comment posted on an Instagram thread confirms that both parties could not reach an agreement.

Though the future of souvenir vending at Universal is uncertain, the legacy of Mold-A-Rama and the smell of the plastic coming together in a new shape right before one's eyes, will forever be remembered as a quirky, beloved part of the park's history,

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