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Visiting Historic Bedrock City in Arizona

If you're looking for some roadside attractions to visit in 2024, boy have I got a list for you! We traveled across the country in an RV from 2020-2023 and one of our favorite things to do in our travels was stop at all of the roadside attractions. Bedrock City in Arizona, now known as Raptor Ranch, was one that we had a lot of fun at!

Have you ever heard of the old Flintstones roadside attraction known as Bedrock City? This is a must-visit destination for anyone doing an old-school style Grand Canyon roadtrip. This tourist attraction is now known as Raptor Ranch and offers a unique blend of prehistoric fun and birds of prey experiences. The park is located just outside of Williams, AZ on Arizona State Route 64, in a small town known as Grand Canyon Junction or Valle.

Is Bedrock City in Arizona Still Open?

Yes! Driving past this roadside attraction, you'll see an old Fred Flintstone waving his hand next to a sign with a few letters missing, that reads, "Yabba-Dabba-Doo." as a volcano sculpture peeks over the fence.

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Fred Flintstone

Bedrock City Dinosaurs, Exterior
Dinosaur Sculpture

Look over the fence at the volcano Bedrock City in Arizona, Raptor Ranch
View of Bedrock City/Raptor Ranch from the Parking Lot

These old sculptures are just enough to pique one's interest and wonder, what else is behind the prehistoric looking stone walls? As we were traveling our first time to the Grand Canyon we pulled in the parking lot to snap a few pictures of Fred himself. The attraction was temporarily closed, and as fate would have it, we would actually later purchase a small acre of land in this same town so we were able to visit this attraction quite a bit (which was great because you get special visiting privileges as a local)!

The attraction originally opened in 1972 and later closed in 2019. It was then reopened as Raptor Ranch. If you visit this section of their website, you can see tourist's photos from over the years.

raptor ranch aka bedrock city in arizona

Admission is only $10 and FREE if you are staying on site at the Campground. If you are traveling to the Grand Canyon via RV, the Raptor Ranch is a nice little campground to stay at. It is right along the state route which is not too busy most times of the year. And the campground is outside the exterior of Raptor Ranch, so it's not the most visually appealing campground, but if you want something easy to park in and almost to the Grand Canyon then this is the perfect spot! The staff is incredibly friendly and they now offer glamping tents, which we unfortunately, did not get to experience.

Raptor Ranch Campground in Arizona
View of the Campground From the Raptor Ranch Parking Lot

What Can You See At Raptor Ranch?

After taking a quick gander in the gift shop, when you walk outside you'll be met with full-scale models of the Flintstone's home and various birds of prey exhibits. The Flintstone's home is an exact replica of the original home in the cartoon series and is complete with all of the appliances and furniture. One of the features we loved about this attraction is that it is PET FRIENDLY! Yes, you can bring your doggoes with you and our two huskies had an absolute blast. One even tried to go down the tall dinosaur slide! They also loved going through the giant snake!

In addition to the Flintstones attraction, Raptor Ranch is home to an extensive collection of birds of prey. The ranch offers an incredible experience to get up close and personal with these stunning creatures. Specialized tours and demonstrations are available to make it an unforgettable experience for the entire family. You can learn about and observe various species of birds of prey like the falcons, eagles, hawks, and many more. The Bird of Prey Show is an amazing event where you can watch the aerial acrobatics of the birds, see them interact with their trainers, and understand their behaviors and habits.

This roadside attraction at Raptor Ranch in Grand Canyon Junction is a perfect destination for families, solo-adventurers, adult travelers, or anyone who is just looking for something quirky to see on the way up to the Grand Canyon. You could spend a couple hours here or a half day depending on the amount of shows and demonstrations going on. When we went, we were there for about an hour and a half and felt like we got our fill of fun! So, the next time you're planning a trip to Arizona, make sure you add this unique stop to your itinerary. YABBADABBADOO!

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